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Below are the ways we can add value to your business

Advance Analytics

Our vast gaming and lottery experience in the regulatory and legal fields, operational management, product launch and market analysis allow us through valid analysis to support clients during key decision-making processes.

Operational Excellence

We are able to measure client’s operations against industry best practise to ensure that operations unlock growth, lower costs and continuously improve.

Strategy Advisory

We are in a position through our experience in the lottery and gaming market to take a fresh and informed look at current strategies to ensure that they are not only conceptual but able to provide real value. At times the strategies may be adequate but require better implementation to ensure value add.

Funding Challenges

Our presence in the industry for the last 60 years and our experience with regard to the funding challenges faced by new operators, allow us to support clients in their endeavours to find the required funding. We are able to value potential operations and support both operator and funder in this most critical step to success.


We bring functional experience that allows us to make sure that your organisation is designed and aligned to deliver on your strategies. We know that in this industry one cannot allow an organisation to function in silos and that it is essential that value is created and shared across terms of reference boundaries.


We understand what makes a gaming and lottery operator sustainable; integrity, secure operations, agility to respond to business opportunities quickly, responsible gaming, positive impact on society, sound regulatory relationship and a good corporate image, and we can help deliver on these important matters.

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