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Interested in participating in the lottery and gaming sector? It is a lucrative and growing sector. Yet, it is also a complicated environment into which one cannot venture without first finding certainty regarding market potential, potential competitors, regulatory frameworks, exchange controls, available technology and in-country infrastructure. We know what to look for and we have the contacts and resources to find the required information to provide the necessary information to operators and investors.

And if you wish to continue, we can assist with applications, bid preparation, market research, focus groups, outsourced service providers through to probity visits, presentations and license negotiations.

But the procurement or winning of a license or authority to participate in the lottery and gaming environment, is only the first step on a very challenging journey. In the fast paced, competitive and ever evolving gaming industry, the premise and reality of a tried and tested approach must be supported through not only product innovation but also a distribution evolution for operators to grow to remain competitive and profitable. Faster and easier ways to vend your products while securing the correct levels of control must always remain on the operator’s agenda. As a result of our involvement on all levels in the industry, we are exposed to the successes of new developments and can expose any operator to that knowledge. Have your games matured and lost market interest? Must the game be tweaked, replaced or merely supported by an add-on game? If you want to add a game, what should it be? Single Matrix, Double Matrix, Keno, Fixed Odd, Spiel, Scratch Cards, etc.? Should you employ a random number generator or a mechanical draw? Are your retail outlets or betting locations in the right areas? Should it be store within a store, virtual store or a book a bet solution? There are many available solutions but they are not necessarily the right one for your jurisdiction. Employ experienced experts who know what to look for. Who knows what works where and can with a due regard to your environment, recommend the preferred solution.


  • Regulator Tender Process Documentation Preparation
  • Tender Process Submission Evaluation
  • System / Performance / Security Audits
  • Arbitration and mediation
  • Bid Submission Documents Construction (preparation?)
  • Business Plan Preparation
  • Presentations and Oral Submissions
  • Project Management
  • New Game Development
  • System Enhancements
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