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Lottery and gaming regulatory authorities run processes (tender or application) to select licensees or operators, they negotiate licenses with selected entities and thereafter monitor that the licensees comply with the conditions of the negotiated license. They conduct the above to fulfil their role as protector of the players and the integrity of the games and their aim to maximise the benefits of the games for the people of the jurisdiction in which it will operate.

We have been actively involved in the above processes since 1998 in various jurisdictions and are able to assist with the running of processes to find the right operator like drafting of request for proposal, verification that tender submission or license application complies with legislation, government policies or other documents and verification of statement or claims in such documents. Our experience from a regulatory and operational perspective, places us in a position to evaluate and advise on proposals and solutions.

Constructing RFP’s and undertaking an evaluation process is a difficult undertaking and requires constant clarification and ongoing support. The use of a virtual document room to manage third party applicants ensures more realistic and SMART proposals, extracting maximum realistic value for both operators and regulators alike.

The requirements and market characteristics of each jurisdiction is different and therefore there is no one license that will suit every country or game. Such a license can only be found through honest, informed and open negotiations between the regulatory authority and the selected entity. We have been involved in several negotiations to find the unique licensing solution in various countries and can assist regulatory authorities with support to find the ideal balance between operational freedom and effective compliance whilst employing the preferred gaming or lottery solution.

One of the key characteristics of successful gaming and lottery operators today are a fair, open and honest relationship that is maintained between the regulatory authority and the successful operator. It is extremely important from the start of operations to create the foundations for a sound and active working relationship with licensees and operators. With that in place, the compliance with license conditions becomes easy. Yet such a relationship can only be established if regulatory authorities participate in operations in a non-intrusive but decisive manner. The key word is accurate, fast and real time monitoring of key aspects of the lottery and gaming operations. We have a wealth of experience with the implementation of independent verification or other monitoring systems. We have conducted several investigations or audits into operational performance as well as compliance with performance or other standards.

Multi License jurisdictions require an IVS gateway for not only manageable but effective management of the multiple operators, the solution is built by product, by draw cycle, mirroring each operations player solution providing a ubiquitous insight into the operations at player level.

The Company has practical hands on experience to assist regulators with their requirements, whether it be with ongoing operations or a turnkey Tender process.

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